The Hero Goddess Path          


                  Apply the Hero-Goddess Archetypes to your particular     
                                           Relationship Goals

     Rather than rely on a Psychological model, this session treats "issues" as something we all share equally and conflict as the natural aspect of a vibrant relationship. Rather than a sign of failure, breakdown signifies we are having difficulty reaching the next deeper layer of loving that is calling to us. As such it is a sign of success, even if we are having difficulty negotiating the impasse.

Ray Bergen, PhD

  Note: a session does not necessarily follow the traditional hour.
It is more important to reach our goal.

                                                             By appointment - Fee $100/hr (sliding scale)

                                                              Telephone and Skype  Sessions available:

                                                    Location:  Saugeties NY - 327 Lotus Lane •  (845) 247-9010

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